Hugh Lewis: Founder & Director
Nils Milahn: Technical Director
Helen Wright: Producer & Director
Rowina Bou Harb: Producer, Lebanon
Ha Thu Do: Producer, Vietnam
Richard Mugwaneza: Producer, Rwanda
Zan Azlee: Producer, Malaysia
Ana Laura Caldron: Producer, Mexico
Thet Oo Minus: Producer, Myanmar
Trude Sundberg: Producer, Costa Rica
Itzel Renteria: Producer, Mexico
Siphal Thammavong: Assistant Producer, Laos
Rula Nasser: Producer, Jordan
Thierry Garcia: Producer, Ecuador
Isa Suarez: Composer
Parvinder Kaur: Producer, India
Brenda Odomoch: Producer, Uganda
Nancy Azory: Producer, Lebanon
Fernando Martinez: Producer, Guatemala
Mavis Awuah: Producer, Ghana
Mi Hang: Translator
Noudéou Noëlie Houngnihin: Producer, Benin
Manuel Armando: Producer, Costa Rica
Kat Carlton: Producer, USA
Jianbo Li: Producer, China
Thitipan Rak: Producer, Thailand
Juan Mendez: Producer, Guatemala
Thu Hang: Producer, Vietnam
Gabriel Saie: Producer, Argentina
Dirk Pienaar: Producer, South Africa
Dominick Brady: Producer USA
Gabriel Kuperman: Producer, Laos
Claudio Jipa: Producer, Ecuador
Carolyn Davies: Producer, Australia
Carlos Lopez: Producer, Colombia
Beth Atemba: Producer, Kenya
Runcie Chikeruba: Producer, Nigeria
Arturo Menedez: Producer, El Salvador
Tan Leung, Producer, Malaysia
Alex Yepes: Producer, Colomibia
Abby Wendle: Producer, USA
Angelica Morales: Producer, Colombia
Charles Mawejje: Producer, Uganda
Adolite Mugabo: Producer, Rwanda
Alia Rasheed: Producer, Oman
Taiji Igarashi: Producer, Japan
Tom Mustill: Producer, France
Rahul Joglekar: Translator
Gwenn Joyaux: Producer, Argentina
Pablo Hasbon: Producer, El Salvador
Chris Beresford: Designer
Tiki Graves: Designer & Developer
Nancy Izak: Assistant Producer, Lebanon
Smith Vichaldit: Assistant Producer, Thailand


20 Questions

Tens of Thousands of Answers

People from all around the world are asked the same set of universal questions that are relevant to us all, no matter who we are or where we come from.

These range from personal questions about love, fear, death and laughter, to questions about the world we live in, community, innovation and the future.

They are the kind of questions that one interviewee described as ‘questions you instinctively know the answers to but are never asked.’

People speak in their mother tongue and the result is an incredibly diverse collection of professionally filmed answers expressed in over 35 languages; from Malayalam to Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese to Pidgin and French to Fon.

Interactive Documentaries

The Future of Storytelling Engagement

Intimately drawn stories of human endeavour spanning six continents are woven together in this series of immersive interactive documentaries. Explore the world through the lives of others including Milos, the inspired Amazon Entrepreneur, Vinh, the dynamic Laughter Yoga Guru, Paloma, the Vale Tudo fighter or Patak, the Kalahari Bushman/Park Ranger, among many others.

Thought Map

Interactive Application showing Patterns of Global Thought

The Thought Map is an application that lets you explore patterns in peoples’ thoughts from around the globe.

You can find out for example, what a Kashmiri farmer has in common with a Tokyo businessman, how a mass killer from Rwanda has similar aspirations to an actress in New York or how a Physics teacher from Beirut shares the same fears as a Burmese landmine victim.

Through the Thought Map you can explore the world through places, people and thoughts, witnessing first-hand the hopes and concerns people share and the nature of their differences.


Digital Innovation Labs

Digital Skills for Everyone

Global People Project’s Creatives, Technologists and Entrepreneurs and Producers share their knowledge and skills. Digital Innovation Labs turn users into creators, equipping participants with the ability to harness their digital entrepreneurship and make their ideas happen.

Partnering with film schools, media organisations, social enterprises, SME’s, schools and communities Labs have taken place in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas and provide essential digital innovation skills to maximise creativity and productivity.

Global You Education

Intercultural Engagement through Digital and Creative Innovation

In a world increasingly characterised by globalised connections, the need for understanding and communication across diverse cultures is stronger than ever.

Through educational partnerships, Global People Project addresses this need via Global You, a programme that  uses our interactive global learning resources in schools.

This kind of education can contribute to the public good by equipping more young people with cultural awareness, a strong sense of civic responsibility and skills to participate in a knowledge-based global economy.


Thoughtscapes Exhibitions

Turning Gallery Spaces into Participatory Thoughtscapes

Exhibition spaces are transformed into interactive ‘Thoughtscapes’ through digital innovation.

Curated so audiences can navigate the thoughts and experiences of thousands of people from across the globe, the exhibitions mix documentary photography, moving image media and sound in showcases that are both deeply intimate and at the same time universal.